Why Your Company Needs A Great Website & Tips For Making One

As a key element of our mission statement, web development, and its relationship between design and marketing is largely overlooked. Because of the great importance of digital marketing, no nuance or advantageous opportunity under the web design or web development “umbrella”  should be passed over or taken for granted. To “broad stroke” web development and not adhere to today’s best practices can be highly detrimental to your marketing efforts and in the end, be very costly.

Website Development

Today’s reality for building a real brand is; you have to have a great website that will act as the backbone of your company. You should not be fooled into thinking that social media is the be-all, end-all, and a place to build your business on. Social Media, without question, is a very important tool to utilize but building your business on someone else’s platform which in the end you have no control over, is not a good idea. While technology surges forward there are many convenient and inexpensive opportunities and online tools for today’s businesses. Building and maintaining a website today has become substantially easier than it ever has.  It has allowed business and website owners the peace of mind and control to be much more confident about managing and taking charge of their digital domain.

6 Reasons Why You Need A Website

Even if you are not marketing anything online, per se, having some online real estate to simply provide an informative platform for your audience is key to a successful business. The internet is where customers will search up what to buy, how to buy, and who to buy it from. But now, the competition to reach a targeted audience online isn’t only to have a website anymore, but to have a good one.

Further down this page, we look at the key elements that make up a good website.

Below are some Website Development Examples

Raynok provides amazing motion control systems in the Entertainment industry.  Their software, hardware and consoles for motion control are powered by Nisonc Inc.

Both Raynok & Niscon needed a website to show off their projects and innovated products.  They do Engineer the Art of Movement.

D.A. Aberdeen & Associates Ltd are a successful Real Estate Valuators and Litigation Experts.  They specialize in complex appraisal problems and needed an website to convey their professionalism.  

We originally designed and developed their first website and were glad to update the design into a responsive mobile friendly website.

Candane Construction uses its 3 decades of experience in the high end custom home market to provide exceptional service to building, renovating and maintaining the finest of custom homes in and around Vancouver.

The company had the expertise but not the online presence needed to show of their great work.  We built a light and easy to navigate website to show off their stunning work.  

6 Tips to keep in mind when creating or updating your site!

BONUS: Things to AVOID on Your Site.

Join the ever-growing digital world by giving your audience what they want and what they need to make a sale. Provide them with the foundation of your brand with digital real estate that could amplify your audience and consumer base alike.

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