Why Your Company Needs A Great Website & Tips For Making One

The reason why a company may not need a good website is if they have zero interest in growing their brand. Point blank. The reality of building and having a brand in today’s modern age is by having a great website that acts as the backbone of your company. The best part? Creating a website today has become immensely easier than what it once was.  It has become much more straightforward than ever to create a business website that runs smoothly and can be updated regularly.

6 Reasons Why You Need A Website

  1. Your Clients Expect It: It’s now become expected of a brand or company to have a website. We no longer look for brands in print ads or the ‘yellow pages.’ Now, we simply Google the brand name or a keyword in the industry and thousands of hits pop up that give the audience exactly what they’re looking for in a fraction of a second- now that’s competition. If you don’t have a website in today’s digital age, you are not even in the game!
  2. Your Competition Has One: If this were the only reason on this list, it would be enough. The fact of the matter is, your competition has a website so why shouldn’t you? Consumers will likely buy from a company (products or services) that has an informative website, or an e-commerce site. Your job is to get the customer to purchase from you, so why hand the sale to your competitor simply because they have a website and you don’t? Another tactic to stay in the game.
  3. Search Engines Can Find You: As mentioned above, we don’t look up keywords or companies using the big yellow book anymore. Now, our audience uses search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing! The only way these search engines will have the power to access your company is by ensuring you have a website. This can grow your audience to new heights you would never expect. Pumping that site with the proper link juice capability is up to you! (SEO 101 could help with this)
  4. Show Me What You’re Selling: If you’re trying to sell your products or services to someone, having a link to your site that shows (proves) to them what you’re selling makes things 100% easier. You can display your products online with stunning imagery and content writing that sells. You can even insert videos and tutorials on how to use the product or why the audience should use the product. Further selling point will help you in the competition!
  5. You Have The Mic: If you don’t have a website, you allow other people/clients/customers to post reviews (positive/negative) about you and your brand on outlets all across the internet. If you have a website, you have your own voice, and you control the narrative. This can influence your audience by giving them your brand’s story before they go off and make one up themselves. DOn’t hand the power to someone else.
  6. Cost-Effective Marketing: Having your own site that is tailored to your exact narrative is like having a sales rep working every day and at any time. It’s a great way to have a voice in a space that is constantly moving. The internet is the best place to put your marketing dollars, and having a website should be your first step. As mentioned above, it is your brand’s backbone and foundation. Social media can add to this immensely, but having this direct link to your online store or company services is essential.

Even if you are not marketing anything online, per se, having some online real estate to simply provide an informative platform for your audience is key to a successful business. The internet is where customers will search up what to buy, how to buy, and who to buy it from. But now, the competition to reach a targeted audience online isn’t only to have a website anymore, but to have a good one. Let’s look at the key elements that make up a good website.

Check out the below tips to keep in mind when creating or updating your site!

  1. Simple and Clean Design: It can be tempting to be inspired by a website design that seems loud and busy (to stand out from the crowd?). However, providing your audience with clean visual elements of your site can help make the audience remember it. A clean logo, the right amount of white space, the use of 2-3 colors, the use of 2-3 fonts will better the look of your overall website design. You need to promote consistency and cleanliness. If there is way too much going on all at once, your audience will get confused and might click away before you’ve even had the chance to sell them something.
  2. About & Contact Us: No one should tell you how many tabs or pages you should have running on your site, however, having an About Us and Contact Us pages are needed. Even some of the most well-known brands have About Us pages, not because no one knows who they are but because they want to promote a positive brand image & history. If you have a well-written and well-thought-out About Us page, you can connect with your audience on a deeper more personal level. Or, it can give your audience a real insight into your companies history and perhaps persuade them on WHY they should be purchasing from you. A Contact Us page is needed to be able to help a consumer on purchasing, answer questions, deal with concerns, read reviews and so on,
  3. Quality Photos: If a potential consumer visits your site for information on your brand and a low-quality photo is on a page with great content, you can rest assured they’ll likely click away within a few seconds. Stunning visuals provide the hook you need for the audience to start or continue reading. With just a few high-quality photos, you can entice your audience to continue clicking through your site. It could be beneficial to hire a professional photographer to capture stunning images of your products.
  4. Video Usage: The use of video can lock in a sale for you if it’s composed well. You can have tutorials on how to use your product, have video recordings of reviews from past clients, why the services should be used, what the services/products have done for other customers and so much more. You can have the use of actors, staff, or even an animation put together. The possibilities are endless with videos.
  5. Content That Sells: A major key to any good website, no matter what you’re selling (or not selling) is by providing the audience with quality content they want to read. Nothing is better than hooking a reader on a good blog post or having them laugh at a sidebar joke. It answers “what’s in it for me?” Why should the audience continue to read? Are you providing them with quality content they can use, for free? If yes, then you are heightening your chances of a sale enormously.
  6. Mobile Site: In the last ten years, the use of smartphones has become overwhelming. Now, more than ever, consumers are using their mobile phones to look up anything and everything they need using the internet. It is just as important to have a mobile compatible website as it is to have a general site. It may be beneficial to keep the content amount to a lower quantity with your mobile site as consumers are usually looking for quick answers on mobile sites rather than full descriptions.  This can be achieved by using AMP or creating one Responsive Website.

BONUS: Things to Avoid With Your Site

  1. No Photos: All text and no photos? That’s a recipe for disaster. We as consumers are conditioned to be hooked on content via visuals (thanks to social media). No one will have the urge to read any text if there aren’t visuals to soften the blow of too many words. Plus, no imagery leaves your site looks dull and boring.
  2. Too Much Content: Don’t drown your audience in content. It’s good to have well-written material, but too much can make for a hard pill to swallow. Too much content can have your audience leaving quicker than you want them to. A great way to separate great content is by spreading it out on different pages or portioning out blog posts!
  3. Don’t Update: No one wants to see that the latest blog post on your site was from 4 years ago. Spend the time in updating every aspect of your site; it will be well worth the effort. Plus, it will get you more opportunities to show up on search engines.

Join the ever-growing digital world by giving your audience what they want and what they need to make a sale. Provide them with the foundation of your brand with digital real estate that could amplify your audience and consumer base alike.

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Raynok provides amazing motion control systems in the Entertainment industry.  Their software, hardware and consoles for motion control are powered by Nisonc Inc.

Both Raynok & Niscon needed a website to show off their projects and innovated products.  They do Engineer the Art of Movement.

D.A. Aberdeen & Associates Ltd are a successful Real Estate Valuators and Litigation Experts.  They specialize in complex appraisal problems and needed an website to convey their professionalism.  

We originally designed and developed their first website and were glad to update the design into a responsive mobile friendly website.

Candane Construction uses its 3 decades of experience in the high end custom home market to provide exceptional service to building, renovating and maintaining the finest of custom homes in and around Vancouver.

The company had the expertise but not the online presence needed to show of their great work.  We built a light and easy to navigate website to show off their stunning work.  

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