Social Media Management Services

Do you know how to manage your social media effectively?  Do you know how to measure your social media presence and activities? Social Media Management goal is to increase the effectiveness and the efficiency of your social media engagement and activities.

What is Social Media Management?

Although most companies understand the need for Social Media, they aren’t very clear on what it is exactly and how to utilize it for their business.  Please don’t hire your nephew or niece.  Even if they are a wiz on their phone and Snapchatting with their friends, it’s not the same thing.  Your company deserves the right approach to Social Media Management which requires Content Creation and the publishing of that content on the right channels.

Not only do you need it to go on social properties like Google + (yes you should still publish on Google +), Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat, it has to be the right content on the right platform.

New web technologies have made it simple for companies to create and distribute their content. A YouTube video, tweet, or blog post can be created and seen by millions for free. Companies don’t have to pay a publishers or distributors large amounts of money to show their messages; instead, they make their own unique content that viewers want to see.

Social media comes in many forms, with the following being the most popular eight:
Social Networks (LinkedIn & Facebook),
Blogs, Microblogs (Twitter), Media-Sharing sites (Flickr, YouTube,), Social voting and bookmarking sites (Quora, Digg, Reddit), review sites (Trip Advisor, Yelp), forums, and virtual worlds (Second Life).

People are online 24 hours a day, and as a company, you need to be too.  Not that you’re up in the middle of the night posting on your Facebook page but that you have purposely incorporated social media into your Digital Marketing plan.

Why is it important?

When you curate the right content that’s targeted to your customer you’re able to drive traffic to your site and quickly build an audience with a big following.  However, it involves unique content and frequent posts.  It also allows your customer to engage with you on a more personal level.  The major benefits of social media marketing are to increase your traffic and exposure and develop loyal fans to gain marketplace intelligence.