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You need to knock it out of the park on every online marketing campaign!

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The internet is growing at a rapid pace. There is competition all around you and their numbers are growing exponentially. You don’t have to necessarily work harder but you definitely have to be smarter.

It is important to be one step ahead of the competition.

As a business owner, CEO, or president you need to be well informed of your options to make quality choices that will meet company goals.

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Social Media Marketing

The numbers surrounding social media marketing are staggering. If your company is not in the conversation, it’s not too late.

Twitter – 110 Accounts Created and 57,000 tweets every 10 seconds.

Facebook –  522,000 Likes + 550,000 post every 10 seconds

Linked In – 20 new users every 10 seconds.

The business opportunities for online marketing through social media channels are  plentiful in every industry. Being part of the discussion helps your business understand and engage with your customers. Build customer trust and grow your audience. Start your Social Media Marketing campaign today.

Online Video Marketing

92 percent of mobile video users share videos with their friends and colleagues. Only 25% of companies use online video to market to customers! Digital Video marketing could be a big opportunity in your industry. Engaging online video is in high demand and it is a proven effective marketing tool.  Don’t just be Static! Get your business Moving!

You Tube – 23,140 Video Hours Watched every 10 seconds and reaches more 18 to 35 year olds than any cable network.

Big3Media builds and designs creative video marketing that will engage your audience while remaining cost-effective to your bottom line.

Search Engine Optimization

We bring leads and opportunities to your website through effective Search Engine Optimization or SEO.  Building a website that is mobile friendly and responsive is paramount buy you need traffic to see and engage with your site. 93Online Experiences begin with a Search Engine. Does Google know who you are?  where you are ? and what you do? Google is in the business of delivering the right “results” to its users.  Be part of the cream that rises to the top.  Call or email Big3Media today.

Email Marketing

Your subscribers are one of your greatest business assets and should be treated as such. Effective Email Marketing is a win for you and a win for your customers. Effective email marketing can build life long ambassadors for your company. Give them what they want, exclusive deals, discounts, entertaining and engaging content. They will thank you with abundance.

Email Marketing when executed well, provides great understanding into your customer buying habits and builds a relationship with you and your customers. Perhaps you need to start building your client email list now? Big3Media can help build your conversion rate or get you on the right track to building your database.

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Allow us to walk you through our  smart and simple process. We take the time to understand your industry and understand your customer.

Understanding your industry and customers is the first step we take to helping you capture your market segment. After that we assist you in meeting the needs of your audience by delivering the right message.

Big3Media, expertly designs and creates original, targeted digital media that is purposefully matched and delivered to its optimum audience.

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