Ranking with Digital Marketing

The internet is growing at a rapid pace. There is competition all around you and their numbers are growing exponentially. You don’t have to necessarily work harder but you definitely have to be smarter.

It is important to be one step ahead of the competition.

As a business owner, CEO, or president you need to be well informed of your options to make quality choices that will meet company goals.


Which Digital Marketing Tactics Can Help Boost My Brand?

As society continues to grow in the digital realm, print marketing has quickly lost its engagement and audience reach. Businesses who are continuing to thrive in this culture have made the switch to digital marketing.

Digital marketing is a term used by companies that encompass marketing tactics as a whole, tactics that are only digitally based on connecting a business with its audience.

Anything from email marketing, digital advertising, social media marketing, online pamphlets and much more can all categorize under digital marketing tactics. All of these strategies are not always necessarily used to ‘sell’ a product to a consumer, but rather to catch the consumers attention. As a way to subconsciously create thoughts in the consumers head, for the next time they think of the best ‘French Fries’ or ‘Vacuum Cleaners’ or even ‘Healthy Dog Food.’

So, what’s the right and the wrong way to attract your audience digitally? In this short period, where businesses have tested individual approaches, they have found some positive ways to captivate their audience and convert their interest into sales. They’ve also found negative ways to attract viewers, and have found ways to turn their audiences away from their brand.

Here are several excellent starting points to help get you set up for digitally elevating your business to attract the audience you need.

  • Create a Stunning and User-Experience Friendly Website

  • Include Search Engine Optimization from the Start

  • Develop a Digital Content Strategy

  • Find Creative ways to Promote your site on Social Media

  • Capture your Audiences information

  • Effectively pay for Digital Advertising

  • Measure your Advances and Adjust accordingly

Responsive Websites

Responsive, Mobile-Friendly and Fast Loading Websites

Think of your website as your home-base.

If you are trying to sell something remarkable, but you don’t have a unique site to back it up, then you’ll probably lose out on a lot of sales.

Your website is the foundation of your business and the information point where your audience can look up your products to find more information.

The most crucial aspect of your website is ensuring it’s easy to use with content that is easy to follow.

You want to assume your audience has no idea what your selling.

The more information you can give them with easy to read verbiage, the easier it will be to sell your product.

The user experience (UX) of your website is based solely on the design.

You want to be sure the audience doesn’t have any trouble maneuvering through your site.

The best way to test your site is to ask a small group of people who have never seen your site, to go through and give you pointers on parts they may find confusing. One of the biggest errors a business owner with a website does is he or she doesn’t test their site with other people. It’s important to remember that just because it is a website that is easy for you to maneuver, doesn’t mean it’s the same for someone else.

Digital Content

Providing your audience content that they can value you from is key to a successful website.

Now that you’ve created a stunning website that is starting to receive some traffic, it can be extremely beneficial to attract a bigger audience by creating high-quality, valuable, and target specific content that can attract the right visitors to your website.

Worthy content can drive the traffic to your site which can turn into leads and sales. Content development is a productive strategy to follow, and it may be worth some money to invest in a content writer who can provide quality content for your site.

digital content


How can you ensure top ranking in the Search results? Through effective Search Engine Optimization or SEO.

Building a website that is mobile friendly and responsive is paramount but to bring leads and opportunities to your website you need traffic to see and engage with your site.

93% Online Experiences begin with a Search Engine. 

Does Google know who you are?  Where you are ?  What you do?

Google is in the business of delivering the right “results” to its users.

There are two forms of SEO, on & off-site SEO.

On-site SEO is implementing the use of keywords or sentences that your audience may use to search up on Google, Bing & Yahoo. Meaning, you can ensure the phrase, “This is the best vacuum cleaner on the internet,” is somewhere on your website to help boost your keyword match. You can do this by writing blog posts about your products on your site as well as ensuring your titles, meta descriptions, and other elements include these keywords.

Off-site SEO is a bit more complicated, as it involved other more ‘authoritative’ websites. The goal with off-site SEO is to try to get a high-traffic website to link back to your site using a backlink to connect inbound links to you. SEO, in general, may be a more complex tactic to work with, however, with some practice, it’s worth every ounce of effort you spend on it.

Digital Marketing Process

Allow us to walk you through our smart and simple process. We take the time to understand your industry and understand your customer. Understanding your industry and customers is the first step to helping you capture your market segment. After that we assist you in meeting the needs of your audience by delivering the right message.

Big3Media, expertly designs and creates original, targeted digital media that is purposefully matched and delivered to its optimum audience.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

The numbers surrounding social media marketing are staggering. If your company is not in the conversation, it’s not too late.

Twitter – 110 Accounts Created and 57,000 tweets every 10 seconds

Facebook – 522,000 Likes + 550,000 post every 10 seconds

LinkedIn – 20 new users every 10 seconds

A brand can  spend some money on advertising their social media accounts in the digital marketing realm.

If you are having a hard time in building your follower count and don’t have a large audience to advertise yet, you can pay to push your posts to reach a broader audience.

Funding for social media posts is a great way to spend your advertising dollars. Robust platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn are great platforms to reach a wider audience. Growing your audience takes  time to build on each platform.  Choose the platform most relevant and makes a connection to your product or service and focus on that one first.

There are great social media managing tools that can help assist you in keeping each platform updated, for example HootSuite.

HootSuite permits its users to manage multiple social accounts and platforms in one space. You can also pay for an advanced subscription that can give you access to more tools as well.

One approach to reach your target audience is by coming up with a list of hashtags that go along with your brand image and follow the tags by ‘liking’ and ‘commenting’ on people who use these same hashtags.

The idea behind this first strategy is to allow your audience to become familiar with your brand using innovative ways to sell the products.

Your social media accounts should be a platform in which a customer could ask a question and have it answered instantly.

Email Marketing

Your subscribers are one of your greatest business assets and should be treated as such.

Effective Email Marketing is a win for you and a win for your customers.

Effective email marketing can build life long ambassadors for your company.

Always have an email optin to capture your audience information. Once they sign up give them what they want, exclusive deals, discounts, entertaining and engaging content.

They will thank you with abundance.

Email Marketing when executed well, provides great understanding into your customer buying habits and builds a relationship with you and your customers. Start building your client email list now.  Big3Media can help build your conversion rate or get you on the right track to building your database.

Email Marketing
Paid Advertising

Paid Advertisements

In Digital Marketing, paying for Ads may be a little bit daunting if you are not familiar with the popular methods.

In today’s digital marketing world, tons of brands are moving away from conventional advertising like Billboards, Magazine, TV and Radio.Instead businesses are paying for Google & YouTube Ads, Facebook and Instagram to name a few.

Other options include Yelp, Google preferred Service Provider, 3rd party Industry directories which all fall into the paid advertisement arena.

Let take Instagram for example.

Your brand’s goal would be getting influencers  (users) that employ your brand hashtag and who have the largest number of followers.

If you are selling a protein power, for example, you may want to stay away from influencers who’s target audience is health supplements.

Instead, it may be a great idea to pay for an influencer campaign with someone whose target audience is fitness or healthy living.

This is a great way to tap into an audience who otherwise may not have seen your products on any other platforms.

Measure Your Advances

Once you’ve created a stunning website and have search engine optimized it, developed a content strategy, started promoting on social media, and paid for a form of digital advertising you need to ensure all of these tactics are converting into sales.

It’s important to measure your advances and pay attention to all of your digital marketing campaigns to see which version(s) are getting you the most return on your investment (ROI).

The best part about digital marketing is being able to measure the clicks on your website along with figuring out exactly where the clicks are coming from.  Time on site, how they arrived and what pages they visited are just the beginning.

Analytics tools come in many forms and we can get right down to the nitty gritty on how your users behaves on your site.  What they like and what they don’t.

track advances

Invest in Digital Marketing Knowledge

Take some time in learning what you can do to better your efforts in Digital Marketing.  The points listed above can get you started in the most popular forms of Digital Advertising and Marketing.

The best way to ensure an audience boost is to stay active on social media and provide quality content for your readers. The more content your brand can produce, the more digital traffic you can stir up!


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