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There are many ways to market your products, company or brand online, below are a few that Big3Media specialize in. The trick of online marketing is knowing the strategic channels you will use to find your audience, once found, deliver an engaging media to the channel(s). Obviously “easier said then done”.

There are many ways and types of internet or online marketing. If you are looking to find the right one for your company or industry we can help?

Finding an affordable Web Design Company that is right for you.

When choosing a Digital Web Agency, look at the work that they have done in the past. Is the work attractive? Is the site easy to navigate? Does the theme match the industry? Does it engaging and instill a sense of professionalism and trust? Big3Media have been in the graphic design, website design and online marketing industry since 1998. We are a proud Coquitlam and Tri-cities SEO, marketing and web design and development company  that has worked with many small to medium sized businesses in every industry. From grocery stores, restaurants and home remedy to construction management and tech companies. Non-Profits, Ecommerce, Business to Business, and start ups we design and market for all industries.

Search Engine Optimization

There are people everyday doing Google Searches looking for businesses that offer your services or products. Your domain needs to be the destination they find when googling  industry related keywords. Our company offers quality affordable SEO. We define your audience and design a keyword strategy that is right for your industry. Our Coquitlam, Tri-City SEO experts will optimize your brand attributes both onsite. We understand the ranking game and can get you at the top of Google Search results.

Generating Website Traffic

Getting traffic to your website can take many forms and no two industries or companies are alike. When you are looking to hire a local Tri-City web company to build your online presence, you’ll need to find a marketing agency that will work with you. It is key that they take the time to understand your customers, business and industry. Once target audience, industry and business knowledge is established this company will need the creative expertise to build a tactical, logical and strategic plan to generate traffic to your business. This is hard work that requires attention to detail and online digital proficiency. We take the time to find out where and how to get the traffic to you.

If you type industry related keywords into Google and your company name does not show up in the immediate results, you are losing business to your competitors. Do you have a local Vancouver business that could use a boost in business? If you need a profession website design, online marketing or SEO services call Big3Media. We can increase your exposure and drive targeted customers to your site.

Increase your Web Presence and Position

There are many ways to increase your ranking position in Google Searches. You need to seek out the industry professionals that have the experience, knowledge and understanding.

Grow Organic Search Results and Visibility

We are a professional and affordable Tri-City / Coquitlam web design services and marketing agency ready to help you reap the benefits of a strong online identity.

Vancouver Web Design and Marketing Services

Vancouver Web Design and Digital Marketing Services



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Designing and Marketing Brands in the
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Digital Agency Services

Connect your Brand with the individuals that matter. Who is your Market? Take the steps to getting qualified sales leads by understanding your audience and refining your target.  Discover your prospects pain points and offer them the solutions.  We will create our BigStart List of Action Items showing you exactly where you need to be focusing your marketing efforts.

Digital Marketing

As branding professionals, we develop brand campaigns by identifying your unique Identity. Our strategy is creating the vision that generates the most memorable experiences. Our creative team connects expertise with traditional marketing practices; providing clients with cohesive approaches that work across multiple media platforms.

Advertising Agency

Our team develops content for brands and companies using video, editorial or visual creative. Our experienced professional creators build Digital solutions and deliver quality based on delivering brand knowledge making us your Digital partner.

Media Agency

Our media management services allow us to provide consumer insight and advise on the best practices for advertising your company and presenting a dominant brand throughout.  On Social sites, as well as directories, press releases, advertising and general public relations.

Marketing Agency

We provide consulting and implementation for your companies marketing strategy based on market research.  Our goal in to increase sales in the company and generate more profits as we build relationships with your target consumer.