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Do you want to be recognized as the professional in your industry? 

How about you thousands of people reading your words, paragraphs, and information every day online?

How nice would it be if people shared your content to their friend’s and Google validated your articles by putting them in the #1 spot of Google search results?

By providing popular and useful content, your audience will begin to take note. Over time they begin to recognize who you are and eventually through an established trust, they begin to purchase your products or service. You deliver the quality information they are looking for, supply a great product or service, treat them well, and you will have a customer for life.

If this is what is happening in your business, then you need not read any further.

If you are looking to this scenario, we may be able to help.

Let’s break this down and get to the bottom of how to write good content for your website. We will also provide some excellent tools to help you.

First, you need to know what good content is or better yet, what is great content?

Keep Your Content Simple

There is a reason why “For Dummies” have over 200 million books in print. They are easy, quick, reference, formula books, that follow the “KISS” acronym; Keep it Simple Stupid.


You being an industry professional your audience assumes you know all the big technical stuff. They are not coming to you for a manual so do not scare them away with technical jargon that is not understood.  Content that is simple and more readable will appeal to a broader audience.

Open Your Webpage With Writing Impact

There is much at play when a user lands on a webpage, so your content must be strong enough to win the war of words? You have to engage them, inform them, and entertain quickly.  Unlike a book, newspaper or magazine, online users have a “quick trigger finger” that is ready to hit the back button if you don’t deliver. It is a good idea to spend time and research knowing that your opening sentences will keep captivate the reader.

Pass the Skim Test

You’ll never get a second chance to make a 1st impression.

This is a big one, and you need to look inviting at the top of the page.  We need to assure our reader that they have arrived at the right article, they need not look any further because you will meet all their information needs. To pass the Skim Test, you should offer an image that is very appealing to your target audience and supports your title. Next, a title that captures their curiosity and a description that reassures them that you will answer their burning industry questions.

You have engaged your user beyond the fold now make your page visually pleasant and appealing. You can do this by adding in large quote boxes that break up the page and appeal to the reader’s interest. This could be an attention-grabbing quote, an industry fact, a customer testimonial or appealing image.

Create Visual White Space

By keeping your paragraphs short, breaking up your copy with interesting facts or pictures you are creating “white space”.  White space on your webpage makes your copy more inviting and less overwhelming. An ongoing flow of white space relaxes the reader and keeps them connected.


Bonus Tip #1 – Use Bullets, Numbers, Lists and Steps

Another handy tool that creates white space and appeals to your reader is bullet points, numbered lists or sequential steps.  People love to follow a recipe!  Numbered Lists, bullets and steps are a reassurance to your reader, and they keep things neat and tidy. Remember David Letterman’s top 10 or the tv show 1000 ways to die?.

Using a number in your title has been a highly beneficial approach to writing webpage titles.

For Example:

  • 10 words you never use on your website
  • 5 ways to spice up your nouns
  • the top 100 website power words
  • 2 mistakes every copy writer makes
  • 12 things that will get your article on the top results of Google

Keep It Short and Sweet and Don’t Repeat

Keep your content short and punchy.  You have to deliver and be interesting, and there is no room for “fluff”!  Keep your paragraphs short, no more than four sentences. Enough said!

In Conclusion

You are a professional that understands your business. You have talked to many people about your business.  Write an article like your talking to a customer or client. Follow the advice above, get a friend to proof your work and send it out to the world. You never know, you may get a few customers and end up at the top of Google Search for some of your industry keywords.


If you made it this far you deserve BONUS # 2 

End your article with a CTA – Call to Action

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