Removing Clutter from your Mobile Search

Now that 85% of all pages in the mobile search results meet the criteria of being mobile friendly, Google has dropped the “mobile-friendly label” from your search results. The labels were introduced 2 years ago to help mobile users avoid the annoying chore of zooming, sideways swiping and small tap targets.

We encourage you to visit Googles ‘mobile friendly test’ to make sure your site is mobile friendly . There are nearly 3.8 Billion unique mobile users and that is traffic you do not want to miss out on. Mobile now out-numbers desktop searches and that gap will continue to grow.

Penalizing the Pop-Ups

Google is cracking down and penalizing websites that use those irritating pop-up and interstitial windows that appear while you’re looking through a webpage.  These are the windows that jump up, cover the pages main content and must be then terminated by the user to return back the webpage. While we will all be happy to see these pesky pop-ups disappear there are useful, convenient and logical pop-ups that will be acceptable.

Below are examples of what is and is not acceptable.


Acceptable and Not Acceptable Popups

For Google information on intrusive interstitials and pop-ups

To do a mobile-friendly test on your website click here