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You Tube is the second largest search engine on the internet. As part of your marketing strategy every business should have a connected youtube channel. With that, of course you will need videos and we can help. Videos have to be engaging, entertaining or informative but they do not have to be expensive.

A few years ago when the iPhone 6 came out a popular online videos was iPhone 6 Plus Bend Test. This video received over 68 million views and 47,000 + comments. One camera, one take.

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One thing that YouTube has proven over and over is, you do not need a big budget to have successful videos.

Business Videos Services and Your Video Marketing Strategy

Big3Media has been creating video marketing pieces for both online and POS or Point of Sale systems since 2000. Put away the idea of having to create a big budget video to have it popular online. You definitely need the video to look professional, it needs to be engaging, informative and entertaining. The good news is it can be all that and also be highly cost effective.

Online Video Marketing Can Increase Leads

If you find that your homepage or website is not converting or has a high bounce rate (people are coming to your site but leaving quickly) a homepage video may likely help you. High bounce rates are often due to webpages or sites not articulating the company’s value proposition.  Video is a quick and easy to communicate why you are in business. Tell your story; engage your audience with why your product or service is important or useful to them.

As every video marketing company knows if presented with a choice to watch a video or read about your product most will always opt for video. Show me and show me quickly!

Finding the right audience for your video is essential. Once you have made an investment to create the video, now you need to have it seen. Even if you are new to web video / video marketing there are many ways to build an audience and subscriber list for your YouTube channel. Niche video marketing show extraordinary online numbers and are an excellent gateway to your customers.

92 percent of Mobile Video Users share Videos with their friends and colleagues.
70% of Professional Marketers Agree that video convert better than any other medium (MarketingProfs)
Consumers are 65% more likely to purchase a product after viewing a video of the product.
Only 25% of companies use online video to market to customers (opportunity!)

Video Marketing on YouTube

Big changes have come to YouTube and ranking on YouTube is different than ranking on Google.  The video giant is the second largest search engine and if you’re a local company you can still build a massive audience to sell your products or services and reach new customers.  We call it Video Marketing.

YouTube Video Marketing Services 

Creating a YouTube Channel is easy.  Ranking one not so much.  Your company needs to know how to get the potential viewer to click on search or suggested search.  The click is one of  four  important aspects because if they don’t click they don’t watch.  We know how to get the click with creative thumbnails and visuals.

In order to keep the ranking on your channel your video needs to be setup for viewer retention.  There is a specific amount of time a viewer needs to watch your video to keep YouTube happy.  What does your introduction look and feel like?  What is the hook, do you even have a hook?  How are you exiting the video?  You need to know how to keep them watching.

Not only do your viewers need to watch they also need to be engaged with your channel.  Whether through comments, sharing or liking.  All the things make the difference on whether your channel is going to be seen.

We also need to help you promote your channel through various ways.

Business Marketing Videos

Information is conveyed much more efficient with videos and you can grab your potential customers attention in just a few seconds.

Videos also provide excellent ROI is excellent.  It might be an explainer video of your product or service on a landing page to see an increase in sales.  These type of videos or simple clips can make a huge difference in your bottom line.