How To Write Good Website Content

Providing popular and useful content, your audience will begin to take note. Over time they begin to recognize who you are and eventually through an established trust, they begin to purchase your products or service. You deliver the quality information they are looking for, supply a great product or service, treat them well, and you will have a customer for life.

Google Mobile Friendly Website Tester | The Bare Minimum

Consumers want to complete their entire shopping experience on mobile, from researching the product to purchasing it. If the mobile encounter is time-consuming with slow load times, lengthy forms and inadequate UX they leave the site which is a lost sale for the business.

3 Reasons Your Site Should Be Mobile Friendly and 3 Steps to Know If It Is

From desktop computers to tablets and smartphone the modern website has to be highly versatile. This versatility is called responsive. If you are business owner or have your own website below are 3 reasons why your site should be responsive and mobile-friendly and 3 ways to tell if it is. 3 Reasons Your Site Should

Google Announces 2 Changes To Make Our Lives Easier

  Removing Clutter from your Mobile Search Now that 85% of all pages in the mobile search results meet the criteria of being mobile friendly, Google has dropped the “mobile-friendly label” from your search results. The labels were introduced 2 years ago to help mobile users avoid the annoying chore of zooming, sideways swiping and