Google New Search Tool To Simplify the 2016 Voter Registration Process

Here in Vancouver, Canada, we are watching the US Elections very closely. Come November, US citizens will cast their vote for the next President of the United States of America and Google has set out to assist the voting process.

As of July 18th, if you search for “register to vote” or any similar queries, Google search results will show a detailed state-by-state guide providing information on how to register, general necessities, and voting deadlines.

Google has provided all the necessary step by step information for US citizens to get their voice heard:

How to Register by State, Online, by email or in person. By state, requirements to register. By state deadlines online, by email and in person

Googles Search Tool for 2016 US Election


Google will also be supplying Republican National Convention and Democratic National Convention Event information:

  • Line up of speakers
  • Event Summary
  • Livestream Video on YouTube
  • Applicable Social Media Posts
  • and More

As a company that has many clients and friends in the United Stateswe encourage our neighbors to the south to get out and vote.

Good on Google for offering new features that can inform the US voters to make the right choice in November.